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Mrs Priyanka Bhatnagar is a gifted Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer, Psychic Reader, Angle Healer etc. She has also been working as a Project Manager in IT sector for many years. She believes that tarot is a book in which everyone can read their own meaning, value, purpose and reason. She has been guiding people through since many years and has been awarded several times as Best Tarot Reader by famous celebrities.

Her passion of making a positive difference in people’s life and trust in divine soul makes her a true role model. With her guidance you unwind yourself and peek into the possibilities of your future, you also find solace and answer to your problems. She is a very humble and gentle person; she believes in living in the moment. Her aura is so strong that she easily makes one comfortable around her. Her aim is to bring contentment in people’s life through her expertise in the field.

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Best Tarot Reader in Delhi


Priyanka Bhatnagar’s is a renowned International Tarot Card Reader and her passion and dedication for Tarot Cards has always been limitless. She has been an accomplished Tarot Reader for over the years and is a gifted physic Reader and Reiki Healer too.

Awards and Accolades received by Priyanka Bhatnagar for her outstanding contribution in the field of Tarot are as follows.

*“Healer of the Year” – 2018” – By Gandhi Peace Foundation New Delhi.

*“Excellence Award 2019 in Tarot” by Aditi Govitrikar – Fashion Lifestyle Magzine.

*“Best Tarot Reader in Delhi” by Priety Zinta – Golden Glory Award – 2019

*“India’s Best Emerging Tarot Reader of the Year” by Malika Arora – International Icon of the Year 2019-2020

*“Best Tarot Card Reader In Delhi – 2019″ by  Sapna Swaraskar.

*“National Gratitude Award – 2020” By Sonali Bendre.

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Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Tarot Card Reading

Have you been in a situation where your one decision can completely change your life? Or have you found yourself in a dilemma where you are confused between two options? Yes, we all face some read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader


Astrology is a study of cosmic objects like stars and planets and its effect on Human Life. The position of these cosmic objects at the time of birth of a person are said to shape his/her personality. read more..



Numerology is a form of divination like Astrology. It is seen as a universal language of numbers. When you understand the language of these numbers you will understand the  read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading has been a part of our culture throughout history, it helps you to discover more about the world around you than you can see yourself. A psychic practitioner possesses an extra read more..


Aura Reading

An Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their energy, it can be felt by everyone but is seen only by an expert practitioner. An Aura is a vibration of energy read more..


Ramal Astrology

Ramal Astrology is one amongst the many methods to know your future. Here we do not require any birth details for prediction. For Ramal Astrology we mainly use set of Ramal Dices also read more..



Astrological remedies date back to ancient times and are even popular today. Astrology not only foresees future but also guides you with remedies for various aspects of your life. Each person has read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a form of energy healing which is done by channelling positive energy into your body. Body has its own healing magic so undergoing a Reiki therapy is basically giving read more..


Angel Healing

Angel Healing is a form of energy healing, that invokes your divine angels (Archangels and Guardian Angels). To connect with angels, you have to posses’ psychic powers and have an expertise read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading is a powerful tool for seeking insight and guidance into one’s life. Angel cards features 45 cards where each card features a specific angel. This method very accurately reflects read more..



Runes are ancient Germanic alphabets. The letters earlier were given their own meaning and were used for divination. The letters are mainly inscribed on bones, sticks or small stones and tossed read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Horary Or Prasna Sastra

Horary Astrology is the basis of all other branches of astrology, here we do not require birth details of an individual like we do in a normal astrology read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Lama Fera

Lama Fera is a Tibetian Healing process which was originally practised by Gautam Buddha to heal and enlighten his lamas. It’s a spiritual healing process when energy flows from  read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader

Magnified Healing

Magnified healing is healing of chakras in our body. Magnified healing heals the heart and mind of the body and ultimately uplifts the soul. It helps us to connect to our higher selves,  read more..

Samridhii Tarot Reading & Healing - Best tarot card reader


Dowsing was an ancient practice where we used to detect hidden water, minerals or oil in ground by using a forked stick. In Pendulum dowsing we use a weight and fix it read more..

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Google Reviews

  • At the very outset I would like to give a big thank you to Priyanka ji for the excellent session that I had with her. I am going through a... read more

    Saswati Banerjee Avatar Saswati Banerjee
    November 19, 2020
  • THE BEST IN HER FIELD. SHE IS AN EXPERT!! She is so accurate and told me everything, I didn't even tell her anything in the beginning and she literally narrated... read more

    Aarushi Sharma Avatar Aarushi Sharma
    October 2, 2020
  • Without asking a single question she revealed the things going with me very aptly as if she knows me from years and then the whole session was excellent there was... read more

    Prateek Pandey Avatar Prateek Pandey
    September 14, 2020
  • Samridhii is very professional and also talks like a friend. I had a 1 hour telephonic session with her today and she gave me a lot of insights about my... read more

    Rongana Nath Avatar Rongana Nath
    September 13, 2020
  • Hello Mam you are straight forward and a wonderful human being. your remedies worked like magic on me u showed me light. Ur remedies removed clutter from my mind now... read more

    Shweta Juyal Avatar Shweta Juyal
    September 6, 2020
  • This was the second time I got my tarot reading done from her and just like last time it was perfect. She is like an angel and she is always... read more

    Sudeeksha Shanker Avatar Sudeeksha Shanker
    September 2, 2020
  • I had a session with Samridhi Ma'am for an hour and it was as if she was reading the script of my life. Though a telephonic session (since I am... read more

    Sneha Jha Avatar Sneha Jha
    September 1, 2020
  • Priyanka is a very professional, positive and skillful healer who has me at ease from the moment I first spoke with her. She is available at all times whenever needed,... read more

    T Joshi Avatar T Joshi
    August 31, 2020
  • I had a wonderful experience with her. It was my first time and it was a great experience. Her readings were accurate . She is an amazing person, so polite... read more

    Rajni Avatar Rajni
    August 30, 2020
  • Samridhi is excellent with her cards. I found her knowledge truly amazing. She is straightforward, does not beat around the bush, and very good with her predictions. I think she... read more

    Sapna Singh Hada Avatar Sapna Singh Hada
    August 30, 2020

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